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Faceton, one of new TAILOR shops popular in Shanghai. The clear difference between traditional shops and Faceton is two seasons of new suits are designed; customers can try on at shop, instead of imagining by putting cloth on shoulder. Second, each suit's finished by chains of people concerned, not one tailor, most important checked by QC. Of course, there’s an experienced tailor at each shop communicating with technique requirements.

BESPOKE TAILORING (6800-20000RMB,Cloth from the UK, Italy)


Jacket 1 shirt/vest tailor made
Pants 1 pair of Bow tie and cummerbund, 1 pair of cufflinks

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Paper pattern will be made and compared according to each set of size before black sample wool cloth is cut, which is used as first baste fittings. 1 to 2 weeks, simply finished jacket & pants without

lining sent to shop for first fitting done by experienced tailor with consultant’s assistance. It’s clear to see fusible (a layer of wool flannel) bound to the fronts of the jacket which is used for preventing canvas (a blend of wool, cotton and horse hair) poking out scratching the wearer or punctuating out of the jacket.

Professional alteration advice and supervision will be sum up and recorded down in 4-ply ALTERATION FORM as reference by cutter, tailor and QC that also contains customer’s further request in details.

Fitting jacket and pants will be broken into pieces; supervisor tailor (tailors with experience in tailoring at least 15 years) and tailor in charge of the suit will work out together in recutting of key parts as shoulder, chest, sleeve, back, hip, make right alteration for customer with either loped shoulder or arch back or big belly.

Then tailor remake the jacket and pants, still simple finished, sent to shop for the second fitting for fitting tailor’s confirmation, if there’re unsolved difficult alteration left, he will kick the tough job himself.

As soon as alteration’s done, target high quality cloth will be carefully cut and made completely referred to the sample half-made suit; unfinished suit will be tried finally by customer mainly to check shoulder, chest & sleeve.

The fourth time, usually last time, wear needs to try a tailored shirt match with bow tie, cummerbund, and cufflinks.

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BESPOKE TAILORING SIMPLIZED (2580-5500RMB by fabric, free choice in styles)


Jacket 1 shirt/vest tailor made
Pants 1 pair of Bow tie and cummerbund

The cloth customer has chosen is cut into parts, simply tailored for first fitting, 500RMB will be charged for further fitting.


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